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Hewshott International is a leading global independent consultancy specialising in IT, AV, acoustics, audio systems, digital signage and display solutions. Our services also include specialist project management and high level strategic planning. Hewshott adds value at every step of the way, successfully navigating through the technical minefield that is IT, AV and acoustics, avoiding expensive mistakes and misunderstandings.
Being independent is the fundamental basis of Hewshott’s existence. Our mission is to add value and make a difference. We do this by providing the best possible solution, regardless of manufacturer, and ensuring a solution that is shaped by needs, rather than perceived limitations of technology. Our solutions start with very close engagement with our clients, seeking their goals and needs. This results in a solution that is individually designed and customised to meet the precise needs of each client, and that can be surprisingly cost effective. One of Hewshott’s key strengths is our global reach. We draw on our skills and experience from around the world on a broad range of projects and a diversity of clients. Each office, however, is small enough to be able to respond with flexibility and speed to the rapidly changing nature of both technology and projects, large and small.
Hewshott works with leading architects, interior designers, facilities and IT professionals and looks forward to working with you too. Contact us now to explore how Hewshott can make the difference to your project.
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I was very happy with the service that I received. The acoustic consultant was very helpful in coming up with alternative solutions or checking solutions that we came up with and he was very prompt. He also managed the report very well – i.e. he didn’t keep issuing it every time we made a change but waited until all changes were made and then re-issued the report in order to reduce confusion.

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