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Hewshott partners with a special breed of architects and interior designers. You’re aesthetically driven, with a clear vision in mind. To protect the design integrity of your work, you trust a consultant who will do phenomenal work at a level to match yours. They must be flexible, easy to work with, responsive, and most importantly, on board with your vision. They know successful design outcomes are as much about process, responsibility, accountability and managing integrated services – all of which require a ‘whole of project’ mindset.

With Hewshott, you’re investing in a project ‘asset’ that truly understands how others are impacted by our work. We’re not just blinkered by our own discipline – we’re conscious and aware of all the different disciplines required to bring your vision to life, and know project collaboration is vital. You and your client have an intimate relationship – you need to be able to discuss their vision in detail. Hewshott gives you that knowledge and confidence.

This is why you engage Hewshott early. To ensure your design achieves optimal functioning and aesthetics are realised, you know technology must be considered from the beginning, curated by a consultant that can work in parallel with you. We bring specialist global intelligence to ensure the ideas you draw into your design are fully conceived and put together beautifully. This is what it means to appreciate the value of quality over cost. Together, the meshing of our disciplines achieves a synergy where the functionality of Hewshott’s work amplifies the appreciation of yours. You’ll feel it in the visceral, powerful and emotional reactions that your architectural or interior design masterpiece evokes from those who experience it.



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Hewshott is a global company, with multiple delivery points for Fortune 500s, plus local engagement and knowhow for local projects. With strategically located offices around the world, Hewshott offers unrivalled access to the brightest minds in audio visual technology, on-demand. We can rapidly inject specialist advice into your project as the need arises, collaborate, share intel and collectively create phenomenal spatial experiences.

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