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Sourcing professionals has long been pinned as dollar driven when evaluating proposals. Yet by now it’s clear that the price isn’t always right. What are you overlooking to award the cheapest option? What are you undervaluing to turn down the more expensive alternatives?

As a progressive Procurement Manager, you understand what’s at stake here. A project in the wrong hands will cost many times over what you originally saved. Every bad decision puts the project outcome in jeopardy – and you won’t have that on your record. For you, successful procurement is a much wider brief than just money. It’s about providing services for the betterment of the project by analysing each tender on the complete picture at play. Sure, that involves the usual criteria. Price. Terms and conditions. Responsibilities. But to predict a successful outcome, you also need to consider all the intangibles, like governance, project risk, vendor stability, qualifications, capability and sheer experience.

At the end of the day, you’re trusted to derive ‘true value’ by optimising the potential for success. Technology is not something your company should have to be concerned about – it must work at every level, first time, every time. Whether the tender is for integrating a technology solution into a pre-existing system or a complete upgrade or redesign, you know Hewshott’s global expertise and 100% impartiality means we can be trusted to handle any job scope, from the simple to the complex. You know this because you contacted your peers who have used Hewshott to ask them about their overall experience, and they reassured you that Hewshott is worth it for one reason alone – we protect the project from going off the tracks. That’s an investment in your company’s reputation, which means yours too.



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Hewshott is a global company, with multiple delivery points for Fortune 500s, plus local engagement and knowhow for local projects. With strategically located offices around the world, Hewshott offers unrivalled access to the brightest minds in audio visual technology, on-demand. We can rapidly inject specialist advice into your project as the need arises, collaborate, share intel and collectively create phenomenal spatial experiences.

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