What a time to be alive. Technology has the power to intersect with human experience at almost every moment, amplifying the way we experience spaces, from arenas to concert halls, sports stadiums, boardrooms conference centres and architectural masterpieces. The converging worlds of AV, Acoustics, IT and Theatre are fast becoming an art form, giving organisations a competitive edge by investing in intelligent solutions with the power to heighten attention, encourage dynamic flow states and allow creativity to flourish. Designed right, it can lose you in performance, traverse oceans, and raise the hair on your neck. Welcome to the world of Hewshott – you live here now.

At Hewshott, we believe in better. As truly independent consultants not beholden to manufacturer brands, we have the freedom and agility to cross-pollinate products to give birth to one-of-a-kind, fit-for-purpose solutions based on the latest emerging science and global trends. With six global offices home to a 30-strong team of specialists, Hewshott offers immediate access to senior decision-makers and areas of speciality around the clock enabling you to make better decisions, faster.