Hewshott’s acoustic consultants have a track record in delivering world class, practical and cost efficient solutions that are in alignment with the client’s needs and design intents.  Our combined experience across a variety of acoustic fields is extensive and extends to all our offices. Hewshott’s acousticians are from a unique combination of engineering, architecture and music. This blend of craft, creativity and technical expertise allows us to provide creative, thoughtful and pragmatic solutions to architects, planners, builders and interior designers.

The services we provide are in architectural, building and environmental acoustics – encompassing design, on-site works and testing/commissioning.




Hewshott’s work can be found across a wide variety of sectors including residential, commercial, healthcare, educational, mixed use, hospitality, leisure, offices, retail, sports and entertainment venues. Some of the services we provide are:


  • Acoustic privacy / confidentiality assessments.
  • Design and recommendations on walls/partitions, glazing, ceiling, roof, doors and façade for managing noise intrusion or transfer between sensitive rooms (airborne sound insulation).
  • Independent acoustic testing: on-site airborne sound insulation (NIC, Dw, DnTw…), reverberation time, ambient noise level (LAeq, NC, NR…)
  • Reverberation control.
  • Impact noise assessments.
  • Building services noise control and design (mechanical, hydraulics, electrical, pneumatic systems).
  • Prediction and modelling of reverberation, speech intelligibility, and other acoustical properties of complex spaces.
  • Staged remedial works to improve privacy in existing spaces.
  • Specialised acoustic design of critical areas including recording studios, video conferencing and telepresence rooms, audiometric rooms, broadcast radio studios and other specialist spaces.
  • Acoustic design for performance spaces (theatre, concert, amphitheatre etc).




For planning:

  • Assessment of the effect of noise sources on development proposals. Recommendations on planning requirements to address noise disturbance.
  • Providing reports for development applications or building permits in residential, commercial, leisure, mixed-use or industrial environments.
  • Road and rail traffic environmental noise impact studies, monitoring and noise modelling.
  • Aircraft noise impact assessment for developments near airports; monitoring and prediction of future noise levels. Helicopter noise studies.


Industrial and commercial projects:

  • Noise assessment of industrial, commercial and mixed use projects as environmental impact statements, for submission to the relevant authority (development applications, building permits…)
  • Assessments of all types of noise emissions.
  • Noise management plans.
  • Entertainment noise testing.
  • Design of noise barriers, silencers, plant treatment and other noise control measures.
  • Plant noise measurements and prediction.
  • Occupational noise surveys.


Construction noise and vibration assessment:

  • Prediction/modelling and monitoring of ground vibration near construction sites.
  • Environmental authority assessments.
  • Short and long term environmental noise and vibration monitoring.


Occupational vibration assessments:

  • Whole body vibration monitoring.




Independent acoustic testing in accordance with international standards or regional regulations:


  • Reverberation Time: RT60, T20, T30, Tmid, Tmf…
  • Sound Insulation Testing: NIC (Noise Isolation Class), DnT,w (Weighted Sound Level Difference)…
  • Ambient noise level testing: LAeq, NC (noise criteria), NR (noise rating), Ln (noise percentile/statistical levels)…



These services may vary slightly depending on the country. Please contact your nearest Hewshott office for more details.