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The world of acoustics is hidden in plain sight every day. While everyone notices floors that vibrate, spaces that echo or noise that penetrates walls and floors, extraordinary acoustics are imperceptible. A perfectly executed corporate presentation. A confidential exchange at a law office. A hotel-nightclub that treats guests to a blissful night’s sleep. Mastering this emotive, delicate art takes heart and soul as much as it does compliance with legislation. So, consult with the Acoustic Consultants trusted the world over to achieve success on even the most complex projects.

As an independent consultancy, Hewshott is free from any conflict of interest, meaning we can drill down to your unique acoustic requirements and tailor a design to your needs (not the acoustic treatment manufacturer’s). Let us guide you through the decision-making process every step along your project, providing advice and recommendations from a global team of specialists.

Our vast experience in architectural, building and environmental acoustics gives our acousticians the intuition and judgement to design the right solution, for the right space, from planning applications for individual housing projects to entertainment venues, studios and performing arts centres, restaurants, museums, transport hubs through to meeting rooms, board rooms and corporate spaces.

Our acoustic consultants have an enviable reputation for high quality work with a healthy dose of pragmatism. We take a realistic, people centric approach that sees us deliver exceptional, cost-efficient acoustics solutions in line with your space’s design intent. With the assistance of numerous computer aided design systems throughout our offices, we can predict outcomes and ensure your space complies with environmental legislation, particularly in instances where you are seeking for your building to be awarded various environmental certificates.




Hewshott’s acousticians can take care of the full design process of your acoustics solution across all phases of your project, from initial scoping to establishment of the acoustic criteria, design, environmental credits, site inspection, final testing and compliance:

  • Airborne sound insulation to control noise ingress or transfer between sensitive rooms
  • Speech privacy assessments
  • Speech intelligibility for voice reinforcement, voice alarm and public address design
  • Impact noise assessments
  • Reverberation control
  • Noise design and control for building services (mechanical, electrical and hydraulics)
  • Acoustic testing
  • Vibration assessment and design to eliminate vibration from the ground, induced vibration, wind and structural noise
  • Prediction and modelling of reverberation and other acoustical properties of complex spaces
  • Building remedial works to improve privacy in existing spaces
  • Relevant international standards
  • Video conferencing, telepresence specifications, broadcast radio, TV, AV meeting rooms.



There’s no sugar-coating it – the acoustics process can get very complex and technical once you deep dive into it. There is a myriad of ways acoustics can enhance a modern building’s human experience, efficiencies and environmental impact – and they must be incorporated in design, material selection and product integration from the outset, without compromising on the quality and performance of the built environment. As a leading independent acoustic consultant, we can advise across all phases of your project, from development application all the way through to project completion.


The advantage of Hewshott consultancy


Independent advice and recommendations from a global team of specialists (no conflict of interest)

Drill down to unique requirements and tailor design to your needs (not the technology provider’s)

Local offices supported by the strength and depth of global resources, guaranteeing world-class solutions

 Extensive international experience in large, complex projects

Discreet knowledge of what works where and what doesn’t

Pinpoint and anticipate industry insights

 Analyse and map out full scope and requirements of project

Solutions designed ‘fit for purpose’

Guidance through every step of the decision-making process

Explanation of complex technical elements in easy-to-understand lay speak

Balance cost v functionality – invest the right amount to achieve your vision

Add value and make a difference to project outcomes and user experience.

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Hewshott is a global company, with multiple delivery points for Fortune 500s, plus local engagement and knowhow for local projects. With strategically located offices around the world, Hewshott offers unrivalled access to the brightest acousticians, on-demand. We can rapidly inject specialist advice into your project as the need arises, collaborate, share intel and collectively create phenomenal spatial experiences. 

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