Audio Visual

AV systems are found everywhere today and are often taken for granted.  AV usually forms a significant cost to any new project, but how can this be quantified?


Hewshott’s principles of independence and accountability were borne out of our founders’ frustrations when working as the client on a major AV project.  Successful AV is not just about the equipment, it’s foremost about how it is used.  Whether this is in a city high rise, a school, a lecture theatre or a concert hall, it always comes down to how people use it. As one of the world’s foremost independent voices in the AV market, we have assisted thousands of customers around the world in achieving success with their AV solutions, which have gone on to serve their needs for many years.


Building projects are often complex, with multiple disciplines working together.  To provide a solution and develop a system that is both architecturally integrated and technically strong, it is vital that the right advice is sought, and the earlier the better.  AV has emerged as a complex area that is little understood with high dependencies on IT and Acoustics.  Hewshott is uniquely placed to bring these three disciplines together.


AV should be familiar, intuitive and virtually transparent, thus performing the ultimate role, working for the client.


It is one of the most visible aspects of interior design, and when correctly integrated will enhance a space. Hewshott’s expertise has been used by world class architects and designers to complement the architecture without sacrificing the need to deliver at a technical level. Hewshott’s staff have strong backgrounds in architecture, performing arts and technology and are uniquely placed to glue together technology and architecture.


With many years of experience across the world, operating from six offices worldwide, we bring consistency in design and delivery to our clients no matter where they are or what they need.


Hewshott’s expertise is frequently found throughout the world:

Video conferencing – individual rooms to campus-wide enterprise solutions

Meeting rooms – boardrooms, telepresence, training and seminar rooms

Operations centre – bespoke solutions in resources, utilities, legal and local government

Lecture theatres – universities and colleges, corporate and government

Performing arts – concert halls, theatre, and outdoor entertainment areas

Sporting venues – large format screens, sound systems and emergency evacuation

Broadcast – studios, edit suite, voiceover and production

Signage – corporate and retail, public information, graphics design and thematic solutions