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Since 2009, Hewshott’s Australian office has amassed a wealth of experience in the art of acoustics, AV, IT and theatre, masterfully delivering phenomenal experiences across the country. Our strong team of dedicated staff are renowned as ‘finishers’ – drawing on knowledge gained from over 1,500 projects delivered around the world since 2009, we’ve seen it all before. There’s no challenge we can’t solve. It’s why we’ve proudly amassed a strong portfolio of projects, from single offices to full buildings, outdoor entertainment facilities to large-scale control rooms, performing arts centres to university campuses.

Hewshott Australia specialises in systems design with a focus on crafting outstanding user experiences. Injected early on in a project, we consider how a system will look and feel, how users will interact with it, how it will enhance their working day and what the impact will be on the environment overall. Only once this is complete can we ‘wrap’ the technology around the experience and deliver on both fronts. As truly independent consultants, our objective isn’t to make the solution as cheap as possible, but to develop a fit-for-purpose solution that delivers a return on investment, adds value to business and makes the experience of using it seamless and effortless.


Genuine independence
We reveal the right solution, free from supplier pressure

Service, advice and experience
We integrate into your team to share decades of local and international knowledge to your advantage

Brave yet informed decision making
Through understanding the job and knowledge of trends, we empower you to make decisions that lead to fit-for-purpose solutions and stand the test of time

Strong project management
By peering over the horizon and anticipating issues that may arise, we’re ready to respond and act quickly, leading to project stability from concept to completion.




Inject our specialist services into your project and we’ll work alongside you to transform your space in ways that enhance operational efficiencies, amplify your vision and create extraordinary human experiences.


Lead by


Peter Hunt

Global CEO, Founder,
Managing Director of Australia

"My vision is people wanting us to do projects because of our high-quality delivery, our high levels of expertise and our attention to detail.”

To still be at the helm of Hewshott after all these years speaks volumes about the commitment of founder Peter Hunt, a hardworking perfectionist who works tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure the company continues to provide a high-quality service. Wearing the global and Australian hat, Peter expertly balances strategic management of the organisation’s international reach while managing the day-to-day running of local operations ‘Down Under’. His thirst for high performing teams can be traced back to his background in television, where success underpinned by teamwork was burned into his mind. Peter brings that same mindset to Hewshott, where every unique project hinges on expert coordination of multiple professionals – frequently extending to the architects, project managers, clients and other consultants – each executing their roles with precision as one cohesive team.

Somehow, he makes it look easy. Peter holds himself to the highest standards, with the ability to recognise where best to invest time and energy to deliver optimally without compromise, regardless of budget, time or design pressures. It’s a skill that meshes beautifully with his behind-the-scenes leadership style. Peter is much happier supporting nearby, acting as a soundboard by analysing challenges from an emotionally distanced perspective that helps give direction for all members of the Hewshott community to move a project forward. In doing so, he empowers a team of leaders who have opinions, aren’t afraid to take responsibility, make big decisions and learn from their mistakes. For Peter, it’s about creating opportunity and supporting constant improvement, true to the Hewshott ethos, believe in better. Better innovation, better design, better execution, better engagement, better experience, better value. Peter knows the company has built its reputation on delivering better, every time. And while the stakes are high, he sleeps easy at night knowing fulfilling that promise comes naturally – because the teams he’s helped shape believe in better too.

Project Experience


When you invest in Hewshott, you’re getting a team that understands good project governance. We obsess over details without losing sight of the bigger picture. We fight for good ideas and let go of what’s not working. We deal with things pragmatically. All we ask of you is to open your mind to the possibility of a better way, and we’ll deliver it.

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Hewshott Australia’s passion for technology is contagious. We can show you how to use the power of technology to transform your space, connect with audiences, immerse yourself in the moment, inspire dynamic work states and amplify your vision. Ready to work together? Contact us on +61 (0) 8 6230 2780, or if you’re in area, we’re in Subiaco, Western Australia.

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