Acoustic design consultants

The Psychology of Sound When it comes to creating memorable experiences, the power of audio design often goes unnoticed, yet it holds the key to unlocking a world of emotions. Hewshott delves into the fascinating realm of the psychology of sound, revealing how carefully crafted audio design can profoundly influence human emotions. Emotional Resonance Just … Read more

Asha joins Hewshott UK

Hewshott is thrilled to announce the addition of Asha Northway to the UK team as their Business Development Manager. Asha has a proven track record developing and managing relationships across various sectors and regions. With a wealth of experience from her distinguished career in sales and marketing, Asha has earned accolades for her exceptional skills … Read more


At Hewshott, we take your cybersecurity seriously. By implementing suggested best practices, we create a secure AV environment that protects your technology, data, and experiences.

Hewshott is delighted to announce the appointment of two Associates with Darren Waszkinel joining the Australia office and Kelvin Thong appointed to the Singapore office. Excited about the addition of new members to the team, Group CEO Peter Hunt wished Darren and Kelvin a warm congratulations on their appointment. He said, “We have seen a … Read more

Client Profile After completing an initial upgrade of the State Administrative Tribunal building (located in Perth, Australia), Hewshott were engaged to deliver the next stage of the project. This marked the first collaboration between Hewshott and the Department of Justice (DoJ), and it became Hewshott’s most significant undertaking at the time. The primary objective was … Read more

As a global firm that provides expertise in the space of acoustics, technology and theatre to clients all over the world, many of which are Fortune 500 corporations, we’ve watched with interest at the various ‘video conferencing from home’ sessions. Some have been hilarious, some cringingly bad, but most barely pass the litmus test. It … Read more

Hewshott celebrates 20 years at the top. The global independent technology consultancy that Hewshott has become is gearing up to mark an extraordinary twenty years of independent consulting in style by releasing a brand-new logo and a freshly designed website (  This also sees the consultancy simplify the name to just ‘Hewshott’, and bring the … Read more