When Barclays decided to open a 1.1 million sq ft technology centre in Pune, India (Barclays’ biggest bar their headquarters in London), Hewshott was their choice as AV consultant. This was because Barclays was more than pleased with what Hewshott had previously done for their offices in Noida and Mumbai. After having interviewed other consultants, Barclays came to the conclusion that Hewshott was the only consultancy in the region that gave them the clarity and confidence they were looking for.


The Challenge


Barclays wanted to create a world-class campus that facilitates global connectivity and smarter thinking through the use of cutting-edge technology. Although technologically advanced, the AV systems on campus had to be functional, accessible, uncomplicated, and easily operated. Some spaces on campus even required the ability to be controlled remotely from other Barclays offices around the globe. Landlord restrictions meant that the AV system for the clients’ 800 person Town Hall space had to be easy to assemble and take down. Taking on the design, project management and overseeing installation of Barclays’ new technology centre was a mammoth undertaking that would span several years. Thankfully, we excel in complex projects over long periods of time in difficult times.

The job scope


The first step in any project is trying to extract from the client’s vision the AV systems and collaboration tools that will enable them to achieve what they want in their workplace. AV is frequently viewed through the lens of an equipment ‘grocery list’; however, the current AV landscape is far more sophisticated. Once we identified Barclays’ goals, we aligned them with technology, budget, and the clients’ move-in dates to ensure successful project delivery.

What we did


Our starting blocks were to spell out AV system functionality in a document, we then provided detailed breakdowns, by type of room, system and cost followed by listing all the items we were proposing to install. Every dimension and detail was recorded in AutoCAD to better coordinate with architects and other teams working on the project. Hewshott designated centralised design resources to maintain consistency and quality standards of Barclays’ AV systems in Pune and across multiple regions. This resulted in the creation of ‘technology templates’ for various room types that would then be applied to all upcoming Barclays’ projects.

Hewshott took up the challenge of designing a portable AV system for Barclays’ 800 person Town Hall that would both sound and look great. This exceptional client requirement gave rise to a completely flexible design with a dedicated, mobile control desk for up to three AV technicians to manage event operations. Additionally, during testing and commissioning with COVID restrictions limiting site visits, Hewshott developed standardised protocols for testing and commissioning AV systems from remote locations in order to minimise impact to project completion.


The outcome


The process of converting new customers into repeat business is not complicated, but it takes hard work and organisation. Hewshott is proud of the ongoing relationships we develop with clients such as Barclays, that are built upon excellent service at every step. After the successful completion of the Barclays Pune project, we were contracted to consult on their Glasgow office and subsequent work in India as well.

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