Case Study: Friends of Israel Gospel Ministry

Client Profile

The Friends of Israel Gospel Ministry (FOIGM) was established in 1938 with a mission to address the spiritual and physical needs of Jewish individuals affected by the Holocaust. Dedicated to teaching scripture and promoting the significance of the land of Israel, FOIGM historically distributed CDs and DVDs to their audience.

With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, FOIGM intensified its digital content creation efforts, utilising a makeshift studio set up in an open meeting room. However, this space was ill-suited for studio production, lacking adequate lighting, ceiling height, and soundproofing.

Recognising the need for a purpose-built studio, FOIGM embarked on a project to construct a facility tailored to their specific requirements.

Client Challenge

The challenge faced by FOIGM was the inadequacy of their existing studio space to meet the demands of digital content creation. The makeshift setup hindered their ability to produce high-quality audio and video content, impacting their outreach efforts.

FOIGM aimed to enhance their digital communication capabilities to engage both existing constituents and new audiences effectively. Failure to address this challenge risked limiting their outreach and impact.

Hewshott’s Solution

Hewshott, serving as the theatre consultant for the project, collaborated closely with FOIGM and the selected contractor, Penn Valley Constructors, to design and implement a state-of-the-art studio.

From initial needs analysis to space planning and system design, Hewshott played a crucial role in ensuring that the studio met FOIGM’s objectives.

By integrating advanced audio-visual technologies and employing sound acoustic measures, the solution aligned perfectly with FOIGM’s goals of enhancing their digital communication capabilities.

Project Barriers

The project encountered several obstacles, exacerbated by external factors such as the COVID-19 pandemic. Supply chain disruptions and restrictions imposed due to the pandemic impacted delivery timelines and availability of materials. Additionally, the technical complexity of studio design posed challenges during the construction phase.

However, through proactive communication and strategic planning, FOIGM, Penn Valley Constructors, and Hewshott navigated these barriers effectively. Despite the hurdles, the project remained on track, showcasing the resilience and adaptability of the project team.

Project Highlights

The completed studio stands as a testament to the successful collaboration between FOIGM and Hewshott. Key achievements include the superb acoustics, silent mechanical system, 4K end-to-end video signal workflow, 10GB PoE+ network, on-premise and cloud recording and storage, LED studio lighting, integrated controls, isolated ground power system, flexible pipe grid with 10,000 lbs live load capacity, and massive cyclorama wall.

The studio’s flexible layout and state-of-the-art features empower FOIGM to produce high-quality content for both live broadcasting and post-production editing.

With this studio, the FOIGM have expanded their potential and their reach. I would like to commend the exemplary engagement of Penn Valley Constructors and am delighted to celebrate this major milestone with them.

Once Hewshott joined us, they opened our eyes to all the important elements of studio design; from sound acoustic management, to studio layout, to equipment selection and lighting design, they had the knowledge and understanding we lacked. Hewshott not only directed the studio’s technical design, but they were also gifted at explaining the design recommendations in a layman’s language we all could understand. They interfaced very well with the building design architect to create a great studio design team’

The Client

The FOIGM now has a purpose-built studio that goes above and beyond what they imagined when they started the process.

Designed with state-of-the-art equipment, giving the client great flexibility and various functions, capable of live broadcasting as well as recording video for editing and production.

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