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The Human Side of Hewshott

Last year as we celebrated our 20th anniversary, our Group CEO Peter Hunt sat down with each of the regional Directors Brandon Creel, Daniel Lee, and Karan Jaitly to ask them the same three questions. As you’d expect, their answers are quite captivating.  

Our Best Side

In this video, Peter asks each of the Directors what they are best at and why. It makes interesting viewing, and gives insight into the human side of Hewshott. It shows how our values are aligned and flow down into the company in each of our offices. 

Our Convictions

Our convictions are not just words on a website; they’re the guiding principles that drive all our decisions and actions. It’s a force that has attracted repeat clients and devoted employees. In this video, Peter Hunt asked Brandon, Dan and Karan what the phrase ‘courage of your convictions’ meant to them, it is clear that they stand firm because they believe that their ideas are the blueprint for excellence. 

Our commitment to honesty, clarity, and providing value serve as our North Star, guiding us through challenges and propelling us towards success.

Believing In Better

We believe that there could be a better way, always. This is an ideology that brings us together and propels us to learn, work hard, and be more creative. For his final question Peter asked the Directors what ‘believing in better’ meant to them, they all had one thing common in their answers. Watch the video to find out. 

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