Hewshott International Adds To Its Head Office Team

Hewshott International Adds To Its Head Office Team

Picture of man named Mark Twisleton
Mark Twisleton joins the Australian office

Mark Twisleton comes to Hewshott International with close to 15 years’ experience in the industry. 

Hewshott International is pleased to announce the appointment of Mark Twisleton as the Operations Manager at the Australian office. Mark has almost 15 years’ experience across varying roles in the technology industry, including those of an installer, programmer, designer, and a leader. In his previous role he was responsible for nurturing new business and maintaining existing clients through quality service and attention to detail.

In his role as Operations Manager in the Australia office, Mark’s focus will be on overall staff welfare, engagement and empowerment. Additionally, responding to customer needs, leading project work and taking a proactive role in the growth of Hewshott’s business in Australia as part of the global team.  Mark’s experience and industry knowledge, together with a clear vision places him at the heart of Hewshott’s growth models that align with future market trends.

Peter Hunt, Group CEO commented, “Mark first contacted me a few years ago and we’ve kept in touch ever since.  I am delighted to welcome him as our newest Hewshotter, and excited about our shared vision as well as the high levels of support and understanding he will provide internally and externally. He brings an excellent balance of technical and commercial experience, presence, accountability and very strong customer service that puts current and future clients at ease when discussing complex projects.” 

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