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Technology and acoustics exist everywhere, enabling you to achieve great things. Mastering them is an art form – each project is detailed and complex, with its own unique set of challenges, from cables and connectors to video walls, speakers and more. If what you want is a hassle-free experience, project independence and accountability and a job executed with precision, it’s critical you make your first decision count – selecting your technology consultants.

Since 2010, Hewshott India has delivered world-class spatial experiences to both local and international businesses in India. With two offices in India, we’re fully set up to deliver projects across the country, including the rapidly developing southern Indian states. We offer local capability, global pedigree, corporate governance and unwavering independence. With a diverse set of skills and expertise gained from over 20 years spent working on projects here and around the world, we have the deepest understanding of the Indian market and how to deliver projects to international standards. Global corporations, international architects, project managers and local business owners alike have complete confidence in our abilities, knowing our approach is not constrained as we never compromise the high ethical standards to which we operate. With an ability to anticipate and plan during the design stages to ensure your project is set up to run as smoothly as possible, we only deliver to global standards, at both the technical and corporate governance level, and, of course, our unique ISO:9001 accreditation.

Actions speak louder than words – and at Hewshott India, our work speaks for itself. Our consultancy team, engaged by some of the world’s leading corporations, has elevated a multitude of projects with our expertise, working on diverse projects ranging from hotels and corporate HQs, boardrooms and high-tech meeting rooms to centralised control rooms and large-scale video walls. As a 100% independent consultancy, we’ve proven time and again the value of investing in a partner dedicated exclusively to achieving fit-for-purpose technical solutions whilst adhering to the highest international standards. In fact, it’s likely we’ve dealt with your type of project before. We have the knowledge to advise you on the right solution, the local experience to identify the right vendors and the process to deliver your project within budget and schedule. That’s the Hewshott difference.




With Hewshott India, your technology solution is in the best of hands. Tap into our consultancy’s global calibre knowledge and expertise, accessed locally and tailored to the unique needs of your project.

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Karan Jaitly


“We’ve been there before, and that’s huge for client trust. Having faced various challenges and overcoming risks helps them feel confident we can do it.”

Never doubt yourself. Karan is walking proof of what happens when a powerful idea seeded in the mind is allowed to flourish. It can all be traced back to his early career performing sound recording and mixing for Bollywood movies, where Karan rubbed shoulders with the rich and famous, the producers and directors. Daunting for most, the daily interactions forced a young Karan to confront a profound truth – beneath it all, we’re all just people, fallible and flawed in our own ways.

It was this realisation that gave Karan quiet confidence in his ability to perform in any situation. Moving through the ranks from a graduate trainee to lead Hewshott India, he oversees a strong, high performing and respectful team like no other can. Karan expertly guides them, and his clients, through all manner of challenges to ensure the optimal solution is achieved. Approachable, calm and relaxed, Karan’s unflappable disposition has seen him seize opportunity wherever it presents in life around the world. Acoustics, AV, IT, design, CAD, analysis and project leadership, Karan has ‘been there, done that’. And that’s not a cliché, it’s a guarantee. Whatever challenges and scenarios a project throws up, Karan’s long tenure at Hewshott and his unparalleled pedigree gets the job done.

Compromise and excess are not in Karan’s vocabulary. He refuses to approach projects with broad strokes, instead taking the time to understand business needs, and moulding his approach to match. He guides his team to consider just the right amount of technology and deliver the optimal result. It’s the Hewshott outcomes-first approach that makes Karan such a comfortable fit and valued team member as he puts forward client recommendations firm in the knowledge project success is the sole motivator.

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When you invest in Hewshott, you’re getting a team that understands good project governance. We obsess over details without losing sight of the bigger picture. We fight for good ideas and let go of what’s not working. We deal with things pragmatically. All we ask of you is to open your mind to the possibility of a better way, and we’ll deliver it.

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Hewshott India’s passion for technology is contagious. We can show you how to use the power of technology to transform your space, connect with audiences, immerse yourself in the moment, inspire dynamic work states and amplify your vision. Ready to work together? Contact us on +91 (0) 80 4901 6322, or if you’re in the area, we’re in Ambedkar Road, Mumbai and Vittal Mallya Road, Bangalore.

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