Set up in 2010, Hewshott India offers the renowned Hewshott world-class service to both local and international businesses in India. As with most of Hewshott’s offices, the catalyst to expand into India was a demand from an existing client, and their need to ensure their facilities were delivered locally, to high, globally required standards.


Hewshott is registered as a domestic entity in India, headed up by Indian nationals and staffed with consultants who have been trained internationally. As with all Hewshott’s offices, the team follows the strict governance and quality controls that put Hewshott in demand around the world and that are required to maintain ISO9001 accreditation.


Hewshott India has worked for a variety of clients, including global financial and IT services companies, hospitality, and retail projects – ranging from boardrooms and high-tech meeting rooms to centralised control rooms and large scale video walls. We have a robust portfolio of AV and acoustic consultancy work/projects and a dedicated, highly regarded project management team.

Hewshott India has a second office in Bangalore, set up in direct response to multiple appointments so that the company may better service clients in the rapidly developing Southern Indian states.


Office 3/4
Drego House,
57 Pali Ambedkar Road,
Bandra West,
Mumbai 400 050

Tel:  +91 22 2646 0482