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Information technology has found its way into almost every aspect of our daily lives, as more and more devices require IT connection. Whether you’re printing, surfing, video conferencing or running a large production, each IT system is subtly different. Running cables is the easy part, but knowing how, why and where is what makes or breaks a solution. We can show you how to embrace a truly converged physical and virtual network to integrate all the services seamlessly that enhance the user experience. Intuitive, integrated, effortless.

It all starts by seeking the trusted advice of an independent consultancy. IT solutions can be complex and technical, making it difficult to understand how the different moving pieces come together. Hewshott’s experienced consultants can work across multiple technology disciplines to analyse, strategise and design, then manage the implementation and integration. We are one of the early adopters of converged networking solutions, and bring a deep understanding from a range of perspectives to design and deliver IT systems that make your space run seamlessly, with or without AV. We’ll identify your needs during the initial briefing and co-discovery phase, before executing a robust, fit-for-purpose solution with day one capability, so you’re up and running when you need to be.



  • Provide insights to emerging trends and technologies to streamline delivery
  • Structured cabling design including core infrastructure in multi-tenanted buildings
  • Environmental ICT including comms rooms designed to international standards
  • Core services, switching, routing, Wi-Fi, telephony, network topology
  • Architecture in systems and networks
  • Security, office services, print management, mobile engagements and solutions



Bringing the digital vision for your space to life requires you to take a leap to see over the horizon to tomorrow’s industry. As a leading consultancy, our patient, thorough approach gives you the breathing space to see the big picture, ensuring your information technology solution is cutting edge and future proof, designed in line with your long-term business strategy and sustainable beyond completion. Simplistic synchronicity is the goal. We identify opportunities to mitigate risks and reduce complexity, waste and duplication, prioritising common and shared solutions throughout the building wherever possible. The result is a beautifully functioning, fully integrated, cost-effective Information technology solution that can be enjoyed seamlessly by all users within your space.


The advantage of Hewshott consultancy


Independent advice and recommendations from a global team of specialists (no conflict of interest)

Drill down to unique requirements and tailor design to your needs (not the technology provider’s)

Local offices supported by the strength and depth of global resources, guaranteeing world-class solutions

 Extensive international experience in large, complex projects

Discreet knowledge of what works where and what doesn’t

Pinpoint and anticipate industry insights

 Analyse and map out full scope and requirements of project

Solutions designed ‘fit for purpose’

Guidance through every step of the decision-making process

Explanation of complex technical elements in easy-to-understand lay speak

Balance cost v functionality – invest the right amount to achieve your vision

Add value and make a difference to project outcomes and user experience.

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Hewshott is a global company, with multiple delivery points for Fortune 500s, plus local engagement and know-how for local projects. With strategically located offices around the world, Hewshott offers unrivalled access to the brightest minds in information technology, on-demand. We can rapidly inject specialist advice into your project as the need arises, collaborate, share intel and collectively create phenomenal spatial experiences.

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