Black Rock America

About This Project
BlackRock is one of the world’s leading global financial companies with offices around the world. In 2009, Hewshott was engaged by their Singapore office, and subsequently in both London and New York.
BlackRock has embarked on a global strategy that culminated in significant office moves in Asia Pacific, Europe and the USA. Hewshott was engaged in all three locations, each time building on the previous engagement to deliver consistent, accountable and high quality AV and acoustic environments. Hewshott’s unique global reach across all regions meant BlackRock expected a Hewshott solution, consistent across the world.
Although wishing to be consistent, operating in different continents made this difficult in practice, but Hewshott responded to BlackRock’s desire to match the user experience of the multimedia communications systems, whilst maintaining as much consistency in component design as possible. Careful attention was given to the size, quantity and layout of their rooms to maintain continuity and BlackRock’s unique and specific needs. The room designs were based on the rapidly established global standards that dictate how they perform and function. The broadcast studio posed a particular challenge, as it needed to operate in a very simplified, almost automatic, ‘day to day to day to day’ mode, while also offering maximum flexibility for the various tasks it was required to fulfil.
This move of an existing, highly operational facility to a new location demanded precision and timing that typify Hewshott’s approach, and our trademark project management skills were a critical part of the project.  A tightly defined window of time was allowed for preparation of the new space.  BlackRock required that all multimedia communications facilities be operational by their staff, and with a phased occupation, we navigated through the migration phase to ensure facilities were working, thus delivering against a demanding schedule on budget.