CLIENTS: Venues West (the venue owner) and AEG Ogden (the venue manager)

About This Project

Perth Arena is a multi-purpose entertainment venue designed to accommodate a wide range of events from international tennis and basketball to major concerts. Elton John performed the inaugural concert at the Arena on 10 November 2012.

Hewshott International was engaged by Venues West in 2010 to undertake a peer review of the AV design, and provide strategic advice on the extensive digital signage system that was required.

Subsequently, Hewshott was engaged to provide project management and consultancy for the delivery of all the clients AV and the IT during an intensive 6 month period.

The venue pushes the envelope of digital signage technology with over 100 screens throughout the venue that can be configured in many different ways.  Each individual screen or array can be customised to deliver specific content according to the demand of the venue, the sponsor or the promoter.

The signage network is driven by a solution that takes live video and relays it to the screens with a latency of less than 40ms, critical for corporate boxes that can see the screen and stage at the same time.

The ‘pendant’, which dominates the foyer, providing maximum impact on entry to the Arena, is a spectacular 88-screen double-sided pendant video wall – 44 screens on each side. The images are primarily used for promotion and sponsorship opportunities either for the venue as a whole, or for specific events.

The LED superscreen is made up of 108 square metres of LED panels and is controlled by software that takes any number of different sources, and can be used to relay Arena video material to the outside area, which in time will become a plaza.

As the project’s AV consultants and project managers, Hewshott was instrumental in driving the market to respond to the demands of the client to ensure the highest quality result – a world-class digital signage solution for a world-class venue.

This level of digital enhancement has never been seen on this scale before in Australia, and the unique combination of devices and sources and the 1-person management sets Perth Arena as the most advanced global venue in its class.