David Malcolm Justice Centre

About This Project

The opening of the David Malcolm Justice Centre, the new Supreme Court in Perth heralded a new chapter in the use of technology in Court.  Hewshott was selected to work alongside the West Australian Government to devise and develop AV and IT systems that delivered high quality, low profile and flexible digital solutions throughout the two buildings that make up this legal precinct in the middle of the Perth CBD.

A long period of consultation across a range of stakeholders was combined to define the strategy, from which emerged a powerful, flexible AV and IT solution that delivers consistency and quality throughout.

Introducing digital solutions into a working court is nearly impossible without significant disruption.  The move to a new building provided a once in a generation opportunity to deliver something radically different, and this has set a new standard in the use of AV and IT working collaboratively together.

Hewshott is delighted to have been the AV and IT consultants for this project, and it exemplifies what can be achieved when vision and quality are applied to both disciplines managed by a single, accountable firm.