Innovative Global Interactive Media Company

About This Project

This London based dynamic and creative advertising agency moved into new headquarters in central London in 2011.  The space reflects their market and the demands from their AV system were high from the outset.

Hewshott was drafted in as specialist consultants to ensure the blend between creativity and practicality was balanced, and advised the clients and their architects on how to keep systems mainstream, but blend in with their culture.

The audio visual facilities included presentation and video conferencing rooms along with a multipurpose system that could be used for lectern presentations or as a large meeting facility. Much of the audio visual equipment had to be incorporated into bespoke credenza units. Special care had to be taken to ensure the audio visual equipment could be easily maintained without moving the furniture and the system was properly ventilated.

We worked closely with the architects and other consultants to ensure the systems were not only practical but fitted the design concept for the space. By highlighting any potential issues early on in the design, Hewshott limited the compromises usually taken between functionality and design, and generated solutions and systems that not only delivered quality AV solutions, but met the design criteria.