Leading Interior Designer

About This Project

Hewshott has been engaged to look into the acoustic privacy of the newly refurbished office of a leading interior designer in Singapore.  The main meeting room is located adjacent to a quiet room, and they have issues of sound transferring between the rooms, particularly as confidential conversations are compromised.

Dealing with interior designer’s own spaces is always a sensitive area of work.  However, as some of Hewshott’s acousticians are also architecturally trained, we were able to empathise with the designers and work closely with them to advise and achieve the solution they needed without compromising the look and feel of the space.

This project is a good example of why acoustics should be considered early in project work – matters surrounding design and funding can be resolved quickly, sympathetically and productively with the right advisors engaged from the outset.  It avoids costly retrospective works that will rarely look as good as the original finish.