Major International Retail and Corporate Bank

About This Project
In 2010 a major British bank with significant footprint in Africa and Asia relocated to Marina Bay Financial Centre, Singapore, taking up 24 floors – about 500, 000 square feet of office space.
The top floor of their offices, which is allocated to executives’ offices and private banking, required a high level of privacy and the provision of a quiet and confidential environment for staff and customers alike.
The challenge was to provide privacy in each of the meeting rooms and to overcome the noise flanking through the ceiling plenum between each room. The usual way of constructing the slab-to-slab partition for good acoustic isolation was not feasible for this floor due to its double height volume.
As the partition was not constructed up to the slab, partition baffles were erected at 1.2m above ceiling level along the wall perimeter to provide a considerable amount of isolation through the ceiling plenum.
However, noise could still travel from one room to another through reflection from the surface of the mechanical services within the ceiling plenum. In order to overcome this, specific closed cell foam was used as an isolation blanket above the ceiling for all the rooms to provide the additional insulation, thus increasing the ceiling attenuation class value of the ceiling.