One 40 William Street, Perth

About This Project
As a result of a property strategy review, the Government of Western Australia planned to relocate a number of its departments to a new, centrally located office in Perth. The offices were to be used by multiple government agencies, each with their own individual requirements. In addition, a number of facilities were incorporated that would be used by all departments; these included meeting rooms, video conferencing, training areas and a social club.
At the outset, the Government engaged Hewshott in a consultation process that drew on our experience of similar developments throughout the world. The decision was taken that common meeting facilities should be replicated throughout the building. Although each individual agency would be responsible for its own equipment and facilities, a consistent approach was paramount, but flexibility was also very important to allow each agency to tailor its facilities to suit specific needs.
Common to all areas was IPTV, which was to service other, smaller buildings in the vicinity as they came on-line. Specific requirements for senior members of the Government included a web-casting studio created in a small meeting room to allow live or recorded web-based video.
Although many of the technologies that were required to deliver the strategic vision were embryonic during the design and implementation phases, the progressive infrastructure design will support many applications and new technologies as they come on-stream without any major re-engineering or construction.
The Government started to occupy the building from mid-2011, and the AV facilities were used from day 1.