St Hilda’s Performing Arts Centre

Acoustics, Theatre
About This Project

St. Hilda’s Anglican School for Girls in Perth, WA is one of Perth’s premier girls school.  In June 2012 the school opened its new Performing Arts Centre with a lavish production of Beauty and the Beast.  The facility received positive reviews from the WA press, who specifically praised the acoustic quality of the space.  Hewshott was called in to review the acoustics some 75% way through the construction, and found areas where significant improvements would be required to deliver a result that was commensurate with the space and intended usage.  Hewshott collaborated closely with the architects in redesigning part of the ceiling and some of the finishes and construction build ups to improve the reverberation time and the ability for natural sound to be carried from the stage. Hewshott’s AV team was also asked to review the sound system for the venue, and re-designed sections to improve the overall performance.


Hewshott’s diligence on this project has resulted in a high quality performing arts centre which can be used for speech, concerts and theatre performances without altering the architect’s initial design intention, and in many instances with minimal dependency on the sound system.


The competency and quality of Hewshott’s work continues to be recognised by architects and clients. The entire Perth office was involved in this project, including the firms CEO, Peter Hunt, whose audio experience was pressed into service in re-designing the main sound system.