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The rise of the modern metropolis’ throughout SE Asia proves what’s possible when you push the boundaries in design efficiency and human connection – and since 2005, Hewshott SE Asia has walked that path with you. Many of the region’s signature buildings contain the proud, pioneering work of Hewshott. Our SE Asia consultancy team has advised on and delivered powerful, leading edge AV solutions for large corporate and international banks in some of the biggest new office developments in Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia, Taiwan, China and beyond. From the Marina Bay Financial Centre and Harbour Front, to the International Financial Centre, Hong Kong Island and Otemachi Financial District, as well as in the wider Asia-Pacific region. Our acoustics division was launched in Asia in 2007, and has since won many outstanding contracts, making Hewshott the acoustic consultancy of choice for many of the leading architects in Asia-Pacific.

Determination, optimism, pragmatism, transparency and precision accuracy – our team’s traits build confidence in our ability to work across project disciplines, allowing us to anticipate problems and deliver the optimal solution first time. Working with us, you’ll have access to an extensive, synchronistic team of in-house specialists who draw on our global bank of resources. Employing a mix of local and international staff, Hewshott SE Asia’s team balances sensitivity with cultural differences drawing on a depth of broad knowledge to complete a range of projects on the local stage with unparalleled success.

Nothing is black and white in spatial experience. Our job is to make the complex simple by explaining in lay terms and guiding you to efficient and harmonious technology in all the right areas. Part of that is understanding that value is more than what meets the eye – the tipping point between form and function is critical. Hewshott SE Asia’s years of accumulated global and local experience embolden us to look beyond the here and now, planning for the challenges we can’t see, but know are there. Pushing for that extra additional improvement is balanced with knowing when to concede you’ve reached your limit. By pinpointing and delivering these efficiencies, Hewshott SE Asia’s presence has proven that being on time and under budget is the benchmark. It’s a level of dedication that’s earned us the trust of industry leaders across five continents.




Our consultancy has mastered the art of spatial experience, delivering international calibre projects throughout Asia Pacific that excel at the art of engagement.


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Kelvin Thong


“I'm there to make their job as simple as possible, so projects are worry-free.”  

With a customer centric career spanning nearly 20 years, you might imagine Kelvin as a bit of a smooth operator – and yet it’s his clients that ultimately earn that title. Such is his passion for making complex AV technology a seamless experience every day. Kelvin loves how personable the technology landscape has become, with the popularity of Zoom and Teams transforming the way we communicate and interact. In a rapidly changing industry, Kelvin has seen it all, having made a natural progression from systems integration through manufacturing, distribution, and now settled in consultancy. Hewshott is the perfect platform to help more people take full advantage of everything the technology offers both now and in the future.

Kelvin sees his role as an opportunity to open the minds of more businesses’, who often know what they want, but have no idea how to get there. Kelvin’s way is the Hewshott way – a belief that with good information and the right guidance, better decisions are made. But first, Kelvin needs to see things from their point of view, understanding the client’s difficulties and legacy experiences. In this sense he’s more akin to a psychologist, asking lots of questions and digging deep to uncover the insights and nuances beneath the surface layer that help him better understand the situation and the person. This is key. Kelvin knows the right technology is not always the right solution and sets his clients at ease by building the confidence that the solution is the best fit for purpose, in every sense, not just the technology, but the environment, the experience and the outcome.

At the end of the day, it’s all about making his clients look good. Kelvin knows complex solutions don’t have to be threatening. If they are, they’re not good solutions. That’s exactly why he joined Hewshott – he too believes in the value that better outcomes bring to the customers’ lives. As someone who thrives when under pressure, Kelvin takes on the challenge with both hands, drawing on his knack for problem solving to find solutions that make life simple, seamless and worry free for his clients. He’s there every step of the way, from helping with the choice of technology, to engaging with the integration and supporting users as they experience the uptake of the solutions.

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When you invest in Hewshott, you’re getting a team that understands good project governance. We obsess over details without losing sight of the bigger picture. We fight for good ideas and let go of what’s not working. We deal with things pragmatically. All we ask of you is to open your mind to the possibility of a better way, and we’ll deliver it.

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