Client Profile Situated in Cumberland County, New Jersey, Cumberland Regional High School is an academic and community facility focused on students, endeavoring to provide the best and safest educational environment possible. The school has served the district for over 33 years, with this long time-frame, the school district recognized that is was time for an … Read more

Client Profile The Friends of Israel Gospel Ministry (FOIGM) was established in 1938 with a mission to address the spiritual and physical needs of Jewish individuals affected by the Holocaust. Dedicated to teaching scripture and promoting the significance of the land of Israel, FOIGM historically distributed CDs and DVDs to their audience. With the onset … Read more

Client Profile After completing an initial upgrade of the State Administrative Tribunal building (located in Perth, Australia), Hewshott were engaged to deliver the next stage of the project. This marked the first collaboration between Hewshott and the Department of Justice (DoJ), and it became Hewshott’s most significant undertaking at the time. The primary objective was … Read more