The broad range of skills, complemented by sheer experience is the Hewshott difference in theatre design. Understanding what artists have to cope with, and how theatre design can support this to bring out the best in people is a key aspect of theatre works worldwide. The artist experience is as important as the audience experience, so all aspects of the technical elements in a theatre are a supporting act to the main event.


Theatre systems and solutions are very complex and diverse. From front of house sightlines, sound pressure levels, speech intelligibility, punchy music and effects to lighting, scenery flys, curtains, moving stages and rigging – the solutions and co-ordination of these systems influence the design at a fundamental level.


Just as important are back-stage systems such as talkback, closed-circuit feeds, call systems, greenroom and back of house facilities, all contribute to creating the right atmosphere and confidence that is essential in ever increasingly complicated performances.


Hewshott’s team has grown up in the theatre and studio spaces, and bring a wealth of experience, knowhow and perspective to a range of requirements, from modest performing arts venues to concert halls to major theatres across the world.

  • Blackbox theatre, production studios (film and TV), lyric theatre, showrooms, amphitheatres
  • Feasibility studies, business case, energy analysis and management, compliance, ROI studies
  • Performance and backstage lighting, egress and emergency lighting, feature lighting, controls, calculations, trusses, catwalks, rendering, mock-ups and specifications
  • Sound system design utilising a range of resources for front and back of house, on-stage systems, orchestra pit solutions, mixing, interfaces with broadcast
  • Sightlines, seating layouts, orchestra pits, main curtain, stage drapes, cyclorama and track systems;  back-stage layouts including scene shops, loading docks, staging, manual and motorised rigging systems, prop storage; proximity of different facilities to each other
  • Production, stage management and FOH communications, CCTV, relay feeds, RF systems, technical furniture, control rooms, bio box, assistive listening solutions
  • Orchestra shells, acoustics (fixed and variable), general AV systems including projection systems, video walls, camera systems, production and recording solutions.
  • Safety solutions including fall arrest, fall restraint, ladder systems, orchestra pit nets, fire curtains and safety gates.
  • Rigging and safety inspections, code compliance evaluations, safety planning and training