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Theatre is a special meeting place that brings together the audience, performers and crew all in one place, each with their own unique perspective. The lights, the sounds, the emotion. All your senses are engaged in a heightened state. When everything is executed with precision, you lose yourself to the story and performance, immersed in a moment in time. You’re no longer sitting in the audience – you’re part of the drama, swept up with the characters. It’s a phenomenal experience. And behind it all you’ll find Hewshott's theatre consultants working harmoniously with our acoustics, AV, and IT practices.

As the industry’s leading global, independent consultancy, we can advise you on how best to use technology to amplify human experience and enhance operational efficiencies. While the cast and crew will get the accolades on the night, the performance would be nothing without the technical brilliance of well executed lighting and sound. But of course, these things don’t exist in isolation – the rigging, the comms, all the back-stage systems and moving parts must be meticulously planned so they can be flawlessly operated. One small technical glitch will jolt you into reality, so you need to execute with precision accuracy.

With in-depth working knowledge of the corporate, education, worship, theatre, performing arts and entertainment sectors, Hewshott’s theatres are extraordinarily capable of handling all the highly technical solutions that make the magic happen, working expertly to ensure consistency of experience across spaces.




As your independent theatre consultant, Hewshott acts as a trusted project partner, empowering you to make good decisions as we advise, investigate and anticipate, opening lines of communication between you and the installing contractor to elevate your project at every opportunity.

  • Project management, design, engineering and consulting
  • Full suite of services, from specialist lighting and rigging to sound system design and mechanical stage solutions
  • Theatre planning including back and front of house layout, support spaces, and sightlines
  • Needs assessments and safety inspections
  • Performance venues
  • Managing consultancy teams
  • Contract review and negotiations
  • Concept and construction drawings



To create unforgettable theatrical experiences, the secret is never to settle or sacrifice. It’s got to be done right, despite the presence of cost restraints. Whatever the budget, Hewshott’s theatre and AV consultant team is renowned for navigating barriers, thinking outside the box and developing a roadmap to success. We leave no stone unturned to realise your vision, embracing new technology and mitigating any perceived risks to ensure we deliver a beautiful theatre solution that sets the scene for powerful performances. Over to you.


The advantage of Hewshott consultancy


Independent advice and recommendations from a global team of specialists (no conflict of interest)

Drill down to unique requirements and tailor design to your needs (not the technology provider’s)

Local offices supported by the strength and depth of global resources, guaranteeing world-class solutions

 Extensive international experience in large, complex projects

Discreet knowledge of what works where and what doesn’t

Pinpoint and anticipate industry insights

 Analyse and map out full scope and requirements of project

Solutions designed ‘fit for purpose’

Guidance through every step of the decision-making process

Explanation of complex technical elements in easy-to-understand lay speak

Balance cost v functionality – invest the right amount to achieve your vision

Add value and make a difference to project outcomes and user experience.

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Hewshott is a global company, with multiple delivery points for Fortune 500s, plus local engagement and know-how for local projects. With strategically located offices around the world, Hewshott offers unrivalled access to the brightest AV and theatre consultants, on demand. We can rapidly inject specialist advice into your project as the need arises, collaborate, share intel and collectively create phenomenal spatial experiences.

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