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The UK is renowned for exceptional architecture and innovative workspaces. Now, as the world demands greater spatial experiences that amplify what it means to be human, technology and acoustics should be considered critically important components of a project’s success – and Hewshott UK is leading the way.

Hewshott’s UK office is where it all began. Since 2002, we’ve assembled a team brimming with specialist expertise that has seen us work alongside world-class architects and project managers to consult, design and deliver a breathtaking array of successful acoustics, AV, IT and theatre projects, from multi-million pound commercial and corporate developments, to smaller individual projects from churches and school halls to private residences.

Hewshott is not a bolt-on service – we’re an extension of your team. Engaged early, we design amazing concepts from scratch and do everything within our capabilities to facilitate a smooth experience from concept to handover. We’re engaging, forward thinking and agile, with the technical know-how to complement our visionary approach perfectly. It is truly a commitment to you. By taking on only a handful of customers at any one time we’re able to immerse ourselves fully in your project, actively involving ourselves all the way through to handover. It lives with us, occupying our minds whether we’re on site or on our way home. We think through the possibilities and make informed decisions at every step, together.




With decades spent working across industries as diverse as finance and banking, corporate, education and retail,
Hewshott has the knowledge and acumen to ensure your technology solution is a perfectly planned masterpiece.


Lead by


Daniel Lee

Managing Director, UK

“The more planning we do, the more detailed we are, the more accurate we are, the better the outcome.”

The more something means to you, the more it gets out of you. That’s the attitude Dan instils as head of Hewshott UK, where he has licence to mould his dynamic team in ways that ensure they get the absolute most out of the project, and each other. Dan believes an inspired and motivated team is directly linked to positive client experiences, seeding a culture where finding the right work-life balance is welcomed and encouraged, whether it’s working back late, hitting the snooze button, longer coffee breaks, or taking Friday off when they really need it. It’s more than a mantra – it’s an unspoken employee pact that involves complete buy-in and trust from the entire team. And it’s made possible because each project is split between at least two people to spread the load, creating a tight-knit team that cares for one another and has each other’s back.

Dan isn’t content creating a smooth client experience – he wants to make it effortless. By sitting alongside the client and asking good questions, Dan and the Hewshott team mirror their thinking, becoming fully aligned on exactly what needs to be delivered. His thirst for information comes from lessons learned working as a contractor building consultant solutions, where less detail meant more assumptions and increased scope for mistakes. At Hewshott UK, Dan counterbalances his intuitive thoughts by actively seeking the opinions of others in order to make fast, fully informed decisions. Which is perfect when you’re part of Hewshott’s ecosystem of global resources, where a team of international calibre professionals with their own invaluable experience and insights is just a phone call away.

Project Experience


When you invest in Hewshott, you’re getting a team that understands good project governance. We obsess over details without losing sight of the bigger picture. We fight for good ideas and let go of what’s not working. We deal with things pragmatically. All we ask of you is to open your mind to the possibility of a better way, and we’ll deliver it.

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Hewshott UK’s passion for technology is contagious. We can show you how to use the power of technology to transform your space, connect with audiences, immerse yourself in the moment, inspire dynamic work states and amplify your vision. Ready to work together? Contact us on +44 (0) 203 053 8360, uk@hewshott.com or if you’re in the area, we’re in Feering Hill, Essex.

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