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America has always dreamed big – and Hewshott USA shares that same pioneering spirit. Quietly delivering projects in The United States since 2012, our office in New Jersey, led by Brandon Creel, provides a full range of acoustics, AV, IT and theatre services. Hewshott USA gives you direct access to a team of dedicated specialists with the ability to draw on Hewshott’s extensive global skills wherever you are in the US, taking on projects right across the country extending to Canada, the Caribbean and down to Mexico.

Tap into our immense project experience, as we integrate into your team as strategic partners who work tirelessly alongside you with intelligence and integrity to solve your technology needs, concept to completion. Whatever the project, from corporate to education, performing arts to worship, our unique insight into how technology must work as a facilitator will elevate your project to another level by creating phenomenal experiences for all who interact with your space. Whether it’s a few dollars over a couple of weeks, or millions across several years, Hewshott USA will turn your vision into a masterpiece.

We are the definition of team players. With you and your project’s best interests at the forefront, we look at your project from the outside-in, arming you with the knowledge, intel, and independent perspective you need to make good decisions every step of the way. Sharper judgements, fewer assumptions. It’s why injecting Hewshott USA into your project early is key to success. As consultants, our work and planning impact a myriad of other disciplines, from mechanical engineering to electrical, architecture and lighting. Only Hewshott USA has the expertise to act as coordinators, bringing other consultants together to discuss needs and share knowledge across disciplines to execute solutions in the best way possible. When we succeed, your product is not seen but felt. That’s the power of phenomenal experiences.




Brimming with highly qualified expertise backed by the complete skillset of the global team, Hewshott USA’s consultancy team has limitless capabilities.

USA Director

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Brandon Creel

Partner, USA

“What we've seen, what we've done and what we've been part of is enormous. We're not just figuring it out for the first time - we can bring all that experience to you.”

Technically brilliant, emotionally invested. That’s Brandon Creel, the Partner at Hewshott’s US office providing invaluable advice and guidance to clients across North America and the Caribbean. His profound technological fluency honed in previous roles enables him to operate with the highest level of innovation and engineering. Brandon draws on that advanced expertise to inform decisions in an advisory role, backed with exceptional knowledge. Project success takes priority, always. Rather than exploring technology solutions from the get-go, Brandon sits alongside clients to learn, absorb and discuss possibilities. Treated like one of their own, clients rely on Brandon to act with their best interests at heart.

It's a responsibility he doesn’t take lightly, and it’s why Hewshott is in such good hands with Brandon. Fully invested in his clients and their goals, he focuses all his energy on earning trust by acting with genuine open honesty, offering straightforward explanations of what can and can’t be done, and guiding clients through the decision-making process from day one. Brandon is a big picture thinker with a strategic mind, highly driven by setting ambitious targets to make each project more beneficial for the end user, and systematically ticking them off. Every project is a new puzzle to solve, a blank canvas from which to create. Brandon knows that what has worked for one project doesn't mean it's going to work for another. By taking the time to step back and analyze each challenge, Brandon helps clients strategise to find the best path, whatever that might be. He truly cares about each project – that’s just the kind of person he is. Fitting too that at Hewshott he’s surrounded by a passionate group of high caliber people that think the same way.

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When you invest in Hewshott, you’re getting a team that understands good project governance. We obsess over details without losing sight of the bigger picture. We fight for good ideas and let go of what’s not working. We deal with things pragmatically. All we ask of you is to open your mind to the possibility of a better way, and we’ll deliver it.

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Hewshott USA’s passion for technology is contagious. We can show you how to use the power of technology to transform your space, connect with audiences, immerse yourself in the moment, inspire dynamic work states and amplify your vision. Ready to work together? Contact us on +1 (856) 512 6400, or if you’re in the area, we’re in Cherry Hill, New Jersey.

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