WAIS High Performance Sports Centre opens

WAIS High Performance Sports Centre opens

This morning saw the official launch of the Western Australian Institute of Sport’s (WAIS) new High Performance Centre.  The centre contains some of the latest technology available, which will support athletes in their training.  The ground floor of the facility is the hub of the biomechanics area, providing numerous camera points which allows for athletes to be analysed from various angles.  There are also numerous meeting spaces and offices for the coaches and support staff.


Hewshott performed the audio visual and acoustic consultancy for this project, engaging with the design team to define the overall performance of the space, comparing the design with leading examples from around the world as well as addressing Australian Standards for acoustics.  Vibration control was critical to the success of this project, ensuring that the equipment and measuring devices in the facility will not be affected by other activities in the centre.  Aspects of psychoacoustics (fatigue etc) which are not always adequately handled within the current AS/NZ standards, were carefully considered.

The Premier of Western Australia, the Hon. Colin Barnett, officially opened the new WAIS High Performance Service Centre.  Local news bulletins will have further details in this evening’s news.


Hewshott in Perth are proud to have been part of this project and look forward to continuing to watch great West Australian athletes competing on the international stage.


WA Government media statement:



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