What our clients say

What our clients say

Hewshott International was appointed by the State Government to advise on both AV and ICT systems for the State Administration Tribunal hearing rooms, the new Supreme Courts and subsequent DotAG office fitouts on the upper floors in Perth, Western Australia. They also undertook some acoustic review works.

From the outset, it was apparent that Hewshott had both vision, global experience and a genuinely client focussed approach to their work.  They navigated through a challenging environment where legacy systems and mindsets were prevalent and deep-rooted, but piece by piece Hewshott demonstrated the gaps in our legacy systems, presented a clear vision, and through education and demonstrable competence, empathy and understanding ultimately delivered a ground-breaking solution.

As far as I am aware, this was the first time that the State Government had engaged a consultant to handle the AV and ICT, with the bias coming from the AV side, and it was a significant success.  Hewshott understood that AV over IP would only increase in time, back in however 2012 when the concepts were first tabled, it was not appreciated as to quite how far reaching Hewshott’s advice would really matter.

Today, the New Supreme Court (Civil) has ICT/AV facilities and services that were mere pipedreams a few years ago; and it is the envy of other jurisdictions across Australia and it the model for courts around the country as they are being updated.

I found Hewshott to be a very technically competent company, moreover, the fact that Hewshott has demonstrated ability as a professional ICT/AV consultant makes them true leader in their field– they listened to our needs and delivering solutions that met them.  It is indeed a rare example of a consulting firm, and I would use them again and again.
Hewshott lets their work speak for them; they are enablers of others’ success.  They may behave as a humble supporting act, never seeking the limelight; nonetheless, they are always dependable and highly competent.  They are a breath of fresh air and a safe pair of hands at the same time.

These are the comments of a Director Level Public Servant who led the completion of the ICT/AV implementation for the $130 million Cathedral and Treasury Precinct fit-out project which was the largest ever undertaken by the State Government. The project included the New Supreme Court (Civil) and the DotAG Offices at the state of the art 33-storey David Malcolm Justice Centre and the State Administrative Tribunal Building.